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My name is Jeremiah. I’m a Procurement Professional ad interim & Graphic Designer aspirare hailing from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I specialize in branding, logo design and as a vivid lover of music, in album/mixtape cover art. I’m currently the lead Graphic Designer for lifestyle blog “CatSantos.com”, Indie record label “MobSquad Music Group” and the illustrious DJ collective “The Eargasm Society”.

My customers are mostly starting entrepreneurs and upcoming artists from the (Urban) music scene, looking for a visual identity. The last mentioned are of special interest to me. It’s like the best of both worlds; Graphic Design & music! I cannot even explain the sheer joy of providing an upcoming artist with a visual identity matching their God given talents. Very satisfying to say the least! In my short career I also had the privilege to work with incredible renowed artists like Joyce Sims, Milana May, The Packxsz and Uness.

As a Graphic Designer I’m original, passionate, patient, a perfectionist and versatile. I’m also keen on details and kind of a neurotic. I’m inspired by modern day Graphic Designers like Jason Brooks, Jennifer Hutauruk , HUSDESIGN, Noyse Works & SilkyGFX to name a few. While having a strong preference (but again, not being bound to it) for abstract, minimal and sleek design, my areas of interest in Graphic Design are branding/concepting, visual arts on a very broad scale & typography.

It is said that one shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but let me tell you this; we always do. So why not have a bestseller’s cover? Let me help you build your brand and contact me now; jeremiah@bylcgraphics.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!

From Amsterdam with love,


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